Creating a Connected Community

Is at the Heart of CenterPoint.

What is a Life Group?

Life groups come in different sizes and function in a variety of ways.  Some are more synonymous with a bible study group. Others are aligned to a home church model. Some meet weekly while others meet once a month or less. The best one is the one that works best for the group members and the church in general. 

A life group is more than a simple bible study. It is a group of likeminded individuals that come together to share life with one another. This makes finding a group that fits the needs of the individual highly important.  Ideally, they will have several things in common.  That is why we have a group for singles, a group for new moms, and a group for young married couples, etc.   

Our goal is to develop close relationships with other Christians that can be there to support and strengthen one another. We need accountability partners as well.  Someone that can lovingly get in your business when it is needed without causing an offense. 

Goals for CenterPoint Life Groups


Create a safe and loving environment to nurture and mentor one anotherEncouraging one another, supporting one another, and stimulating fellow believers to grow up to be like Christ. 


Create a place where even the most timid and shy will feel free to express themselves and receive acceptance.


Create a place where one can become vulnerable without fear of criticism or rebuke.


Create a place where what is said is kept confidential within the group.


Create a loving family unit that shares and supports its’ members in times of need.


Create a safe environment to begin to explore and exercise one’s gifts.

CenterPoint Life Groups

Sue West

Women All Ages

1st & 3rd Monday @ 7pm

Peggy Norton

Women 50yrs. & Up

2nd & 4th Tues. 6:30pm-8:30pm

Ruth Eastep

Women 18 – 40

Every Tues. @ 7pm

Aaron Hynes


1st & 3rd Sunday @ 5pm

Tom & Carla Aurand


1st & 3rd Friday @ 6pm

Sandy Oliver



Eric West

Men All Ages

2nd & 4th Monday @ 7pm

Alicia Mattiuzzo & Emily Bogert

Mom’s Group

2nd Saturday @ 10am

Kyle & Amanda Bailey

Married Couples

Last Sunday Only

Kathy Smith

Single Women

Meets one Sunday per month

It is more than a bible study. The life group is an intentional gathering where likeminded people come together to do life with one anotherThey develop relationships with one another, support and mentor one anotherIt functions as a home church within the larger umbrella of CenterPoint church.  Group leaders take responsibility as a type of under shepherd to the groupThe leaders are accountable to pastoral staff and keep the pastor informed of any needs or concerns within the group. 

Previous Life Group Series

CenterPoint is committed to providing Life Group leaders and church members alike the valuable resources they need to disciple others. In Fall 2023 most of our life groups will be participating in the “Make Disciples Challenge.” All the resources needed for this program will be available right here on our website.  In addition, we will be adding other valuable resources from time to time so check back frequently.  Now members and group leaders alike can just click the button below to access our disciple challenge curriculum. 

To get connected with a Life Group please contact our Discipleship Pastor, Pastor Kathy Smith, at