What is the Make Disciples Challenge?

We may not all be outspoken and enthusiastic soul winners, but we do all have a story. We can each share with others our own personal journey and testimony. The goal is to help people recognize when God is opening the door of opportunity to witness, pray for, or encourage others that we run into as we go about a typical day. Recognizing the God nudge is the first step.

Knowing how much or how little to say is all important. We do not want to become pushy and turn people away. We also do not want to miss out on the opportunity to reach others when God opens wide the door. This is all about looking for the opportunity and becoming comfortable with what God is leading us to do and to say. Exploring options to mentor others is also important and that topic will be covered in this discussion.

Session 1: Casting the Vision

Session 2: To the Ends of the Earth

Session 3: The Role of Community

Session 4: Run the Race

Session 5: Discouragement and Hope in Disciple Making