As Pastor Bruce is transitioning into retirement, our church is seeking the Lord for guidance as we search for our new Senior Pastor. This is an exciting time of transition for our church!

A little about our new candidates – Pastor Kyle & Amanda Bailey

A brief conversation with Kyle Bailey

Kyle Bailey Devotional

A brief introduction to Amanda Bailey

Conversation with Kyle & Amanda Bailey

The Bailey’s journey of faith

Devotion from Kyle Bailey

Pastor Marvin & Pastor Tara Interview Kyle Bailey

Pastor Bruce Live Interview with Kyle Bailey 

Kyle & Amanda’s 4 Boys

The candidate selected is Kyle Bailey and wife Amanda

This process met the constitutional requirements of Faith Tabernacle, but this is only half the story.  The key factor is what Kyle had to say about why he and Amanda want to come to the Flint area. He feels called by God to Flint.  Unlike many candidates who walked away from Flint and its problems, Kyle is excited for the opportunity to walk into the Flint area.  He has had other offers, including the senior pastor position at his current church, but did not feel peace. Faith was the only opportunity that felt right. During the exact time our last candidate decided not to come to Faith, Kyle was approached by three other pastors who said God had spoken to them. They all told him he would be going on a new journey, to a place he had never been before. Kyle has lived in Florida and Georgia his whole life. Within a few days he heard about the opening at Faith Tabernacle and applied. Both Kyle and Amanda are at total peace with this calling, and we are happy to introduce him to you.

An Overview of the Process

The Constitution and By-laws of the church put the responsibility of the selection of a new Senior Leader upon the Council of Elders together with the Board of Trustees.

The elders recommended to the trustees that we use a search company to help with the process. After talking with four search companies and seeking the counsel of a transition consultant, the board chose Shepherd’s staff to help us.

Two persons from Shepherd’s Staff spent the weekend with us interviewing staff, elders and trustees, talking with other leaders, and observing our church. They also toured the area and compiled demographics of this area. From that, they put together an information document about the church and community for anyone interested.

They listed our church on their website and contacted pastors and others who may have known about possible candidates. We were not looking for unemployed pastors!

The results of that are as follows:


Individuals responded to the opportunity


Prospects were considered “in process”


Candidates advanced to a Shepherd’s Staff second-level interview


Hours of interviewing was conducted by The Shepard’s Staff for each candidate prior to submitting any information to the Transition Team

The Transition Team then received the bio on the best fitting candidates. (20 typed pages per candidate)

At that point, before interviews began, a call was made for prayer and fasting by the Transition Team.  Four sets of 17 questions had been developed each with its unique emphasis from personal to spiritual and practical experience to theological understanding.

After each interview the team prayed and discussed what they saw and heard. If that discussion was favorable, the candidate would invited to a second, and then a third interview. In order to be recommended to the Trustees a candidate had to have gained the confidence of the team through all three interviews.

To move forward this has required:

  • The candidate answered a total of 133 question posed by Shepherd’s Staff and The Transition Team
  • Shepherd’s Staff and the Transition Team conducted a total of over 22 hours of interviews for the candidate
  • The candidate’s references were interviewed by Shepherd’s staff and a report was given to the team
  • The candidate had to receive a 4/5 vote from the Transition Team to move forward to the Trustees. That vote was unanimous.

The selected candidate was then presented to the Trustees. The Trustees reviewed the candidate’s taped interviews and asked questions of the Transition Team. A 4/5 vote was then necessary to invite the candidate to Faith by the Trustees.  That vote was also unanimous.